About Me

Welcome to my site!
I have over 20 years experience as a Registered Nurse and 26 years experience in the field of hospice. As a Certified Hypnotherapist,  I specialize in pain and symptom management, soul retrieval and life review work.
I can help you make positive life changes to add 
a daily part of your life!
Blessings to you,
Lisa Sigsworth
With any growth, comes change.
Change can be uncomfortable.
Just believe that in the end,
the new you will be the one
that you are meant to be.
Lisa Sigsworth

 SPIRIT always answers.
The answer may be NO. It was not our path. It was not meant to be our path. It is someone else's path. No matter how much we cry, bargain and plead, the answer is a quiet absolute
No arguments, no negotiations. 
 The path belongs to another person, maybe we were just along for the walk. until we get to a fork in the path.
We pray for a loved one to be healed, live longer and get better so they can continue on our path.
We get angry with Spirit or God because, we feel that he/she wasn’t there, or forsook us in our time of need.
But it was time for our loved one to continue on the path chosen for them.
 Spirit/ God was indeed there,
for them,
to continue on the path set for them,
not us.
Lisa Sigsworth

Show me the path which I must take. Teach me to be loving, compassionate and grateful.
Give me a heart to be generous and forgiving.
  For in your footsteps,
I will follow.
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